Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anderson Family Vacation


I know it has been a long time since my last post but the summer is taking up a great majority of my time.

We the Anderson decided to take a road trip, 189 miles south east of here to visit with my bestie and her family.  It was a big deal since Mr. Man was going to be joining us.  This will be the first time since 1998 that he will be returning to my home town!

Some of you might wonder why that is well lets just say that like most family's now day not everyone is happy to call each other family.  SO  I made the decision to not let family know that I would be there and I had an amazing time with no stress and worry about someone saying something that someone would take the wrong way


My plan was to take my 3 monkeys and 2 of my nieces, well that would have been amazing but my niece got grounded and could not come.  Which sadly worked in my favor since I was unable to rent the van to accommodate everyone.

Who knew you needed an instate drivers licence to rent a car with a debit,  I have been back her for 1 yr and have not gotten it switched over.   Yeah GO ME!!!!!!

 So we all pile in my SUV and head out.   we go about 90 Miles and of course it POTTY time which worked out well since it was right at the OUTLET MALL.  We went to a few of the stores but really the prices where about the same.  I did how ever hit it big at the Old Navy store.  

So we get back on the road and arrive at our destination in a matter of a few hours.

We Have booked a room at Pazzaz Hotel & Fun City & Catfish Bend Casino.  My kids were in awe.

There is a water park indoor and out, a game room with laser tag, go karts, bowling alley, CANDY ALLEY.  For the Adults there is a Bar & Casino.

Daily I hear mom can we go back so I am sure there is a return tip coming soon

We get there check in and I throw open the room doors to the pool and show the kids the most amazing thing they say they have ever seen ........

All the Slides and water anyone could ever want



The Kids thought that they were in heaven 3 days of swimming sliding chlorine filled fun.

Anya love the outdoor part and the frog slide

Kasha was not so sure of the water 

  She did love that snack bar tho

She finally got use to the water and went for a wade

Then it was off to the Arcade and Candy Alley

This is my niece Cinda can you tell I caught her off guard lol  but that Ice Cream was really good

In between time of water log we go to some of the sights in town, the kids get filled with storied of my child hood and I swore if I talked a little longer they would have been asleep....

These guns have been in this park for as long as I can remember...  The kids love playing on them



Playing at the river front then home

This was a great vacation much needed time away.....


great time with the Stearns-Gold family

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New School New Year

OMG Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have just done the best thing ever got the kids enrolled in their new school for a brand new year.

I am so super excited.  It is hard to believe that on the 24th the summer will be over with for them.  Its back to schedules, homework and bed times.  You can hear the excitement cant you I am doing a happy dance.

I hope that the new school change will bring an easier school year for them and me. 

More to come on this

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Happenings

So this is the finale month of freedom \foe me and the kids.

It will me back to school in a month.  We gotta figure out where they are gonna be going, just waiting on aunt Mary to figure it all out.  Our kids go to the same school mainly to help out with the car pooling. 

You know that old saying that it takes a village to raise a child, we fit that mold snugly.   There are 3 kids in my family,  She has 6 kids then 2 sisters that have a baby a piece and 2 cousins and 1 baby there oh and husbands and a brother. 

So when we have a gathering there is surely to be a small mob.

With today being JULY 3rd there is a cook out  planned with fire works.  This should be fun big kids will love playing with all the kids and baby girl will see fireworks for the first time so I am excited and scared to see how she will react.  Pic to follow ....................

On the 22 we are planning a family vacation to a water park and hotel not an experience the the kids have had to this point I know they will have the best time I will have pic of that for sure.  I am like a big kids about this more so for me I am gonna get to spend time with my life long bestie and her family.  She is gonna get to meet MR. MANN for the first time.  PS might I add that we been together 17 years and I have know her for 20 something years.  You could say that we don't make trips home often mostly because I don't like to go back there to much......  Trust my I have a boat load of reason but its not family friendly so I will same that for my adult blog

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Omg its 9:45pm

I am so amazing>>>>>>

Need I say more it is 9:45 pm and I believe that Tristan has been in bed for about 2 hours not realizing that he has been asleep.  He helped his Uncle Nanny cut grass and is has allergies BOOO.  So got him some benadryl and he is knocked out lol.

Girls went down at 9pm and the house is quite for the most part got MR. Man, Uncle Nanny and Uncle Lee Lee as Akasha calls him.

So its getting louder here but oh well, there boys right.  What do ya do

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Big Little Boy

It's been awhile since my last post.  I have been real busy with work, its a hard job in the collections world. Being a mommy and house wife.  IT'S a hard 3 jobs but someone had to do it.

Yep that's me one of the few times that I get a break to myself ...... AND you guessed it I am in the ladies room

OK enough about me on the the BIG LITTLE BOY....

So as of lately little TDOGG has had some rather tough nights when it comes to going to bed.  Being the only boy in the home he quite often complains about having the smaller room, to which I reply that if he had a baby brother he would have to share a room with said brother.  He then stomps off to his little room and pouts.

He then decided that he wanted to sleep on the old couch in the dinning room, Which was fine for a while. After a few night I told him it was time to return to his room that did not go over well at all.

I awoke to this one morning getting ready to work.....

I am guessing that he attempted to make a run for it before mom or dad woke up and failed at it and just went back to sleep lol.....

Funny little boy

Monday, June 6, 2011

Akasha and her favorite thing to do

I have belonged to a Mommies Message board for quite sometime called JUSTMOMMIES or JM. 

These are some great ladies that offers some support and advice for EVERYTHING from trying to conceive to raising teens.  I belonged to a very special board AUG 2009 PLAYROOM we have all been together since we found out we were gonna have a little one, for some it was their first and for others like me it was a old hat.

One Post inspired this current blog.

I have been brushing Akasha teeth since she got her first tooth.  She loves it and sometimes reminds me that we need to brush.... 

In her cuter than cute voice MOMMY USH MOMMY USH

 So here begins another nightly ritual, but not a bad one guess setting good habits will save me in the dentist office

She loves the feel of the brush and the taste of the tooth paste. Tonight I decided that I would give it ago at letting her brush when we are done.  She gonna need to know sometime RIGHT!  Momma cant brush her teeth for ever

So we finish and she gives me a look at her pearly whites.  With a huge smile while licking her tooth paste mouth

I Decide to let her have a go at BRUSHING her own teeth  how Awesome with this be........

She looks like and old pro....   You would never know that this is her first try alone

Happily continued brushing.... UNTIL

It was time to be done and put the BRUSH up then it was a complete melt down Akasha style,  Hey now we can all see those clean white chompers

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Picky Eater

With Tristan its always been a known fact the he is very PICKY when it comes to eating.

It all started at about is first GERBER meal. 

He is a non meat eating child so what ever I cook I have to think will he eat it or do I have to take his food out prior to adding the meat.

On Friday I Snuck added eggs to his favorite food and he never knew.  I got a slight kick out of it too.

Here is the items used,  Now be prepared don't laugh to hard.

Yeah I know so lame you thought that this was gonna be something new for you family to eat.   I told you that he is very picky.  I have had several conversations with his DR  and he does not seem to be worried I mean he is 75lbs,  but  who can live on Ramen, Chicken Nuggets, and Cheese Pizza Rolls

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anderson Introductions (well Kinda)

So let me take this time to Introduce the Andersons' and their extended family, remember a Family the Plays together Stays together.

Here is TWIN 1 Uncle Leland yep the world has been given two, What would we have done if there had only been one one can only dream.

This is Aunt Mary the glue that holds her brood together.  With out her what would they all do.  She is owner and operator a her own BED & BREAKFAST better know as Mary Crash Landing Pad.  You should come some time there is never a dull moment.

Melinda & Jasmine they are the oldest 2 of the bunch.  This is their home coming.   Showing some sisterly love the raining Beauty Queens

Miss Melinda will just scream to see her face on this but at least I'll get a good laugh.  She pretends to be shy but we all know she has the same attitude as the rest of us once she comes out of her shell <3 little mama

Little Miss Katie Faye!!!!!!!     Getting ready for her 8TH grade graduation so pretty in her dress, she looks so happy cant ya tell that she had to have a pic taken but wait there is more
Here she is Beautiful as ever ( pic from cousin Tara).  Could not believe there was such a cute lady under all that hard exterior

IT's Lisa Marie the biggest JUSTIN BEIBER fan outside of my little girl their gonna fight over who's gonna marry him.  She is the Princess of the family with an attitude to go with it.

Curtis & Tiffany

He is the quite one of the family but give the guy a break he is the only guy in a house full of girls, well beside uncle Leland but he a girl sometimes too.

This one here Tiffany she is always acting mean but if you get her to smile and laugh its all an act.  She has a hard shell too but once you crack it she a ray of sunshine

Baby Briana often called Brian she is the youngest of the clan and the Spunkiest of them all.  Love her Daddy and plays the Daddy's girl roll quite well.

Uncle Daland TWIN 2 and Family Nanny hes watched all of the kids from birth to school.  Maybe he will be Great Uncle Nanny too

Daland Jr.   Is the Oldest of all the kids and off doing his own thing chasing Ladies and working

I call her Dalynda Lee Anderson a girl after my own heart.       INDEPENDENT.   Goofy Silly oh don ya want to see her being goofy and silly  LOOK DOWN

AWWW she's gonna kill me for this but I wanta laugh too

Laurie and Baby Alivia smile ladies.  Baby is getting so big now and mama is a pro with her.   We all knew you would!!!!

Sabrina Miss Tuddy to you all.  Spunky lady and loves to stand her ground she can say what she wants about her family but you better not even try <3 ya bri

And last but not least

who is really just a big teddy bear

MR. Anderson


The Real BOSS

Mrs. Andreson

And you all have meet my Munchkins

Family Vacation

Ok so We the Andersons' decided to take a family mini vacation over Memorial Day weekend.

Mr. Man the kids and I.  Mr. Man's Brother Aunt Mary and their 6 Kids. Uncle Chuck and 4 more cousins.  All headed to Clear Lake Iowa for a Fishing trip.

You would think with all those people it would be a time to remember.  Well it was COLD RAINY WINDY.  Nothing could have made it any worse, well maybe snow, but we made the best of it.

We made it to the lake a few 100 time, the park a few 100 more and all around had a good time.

This was the first year that we made the trip.  It was nice to get away from everyday life and just chillax or so they say

Might I say that the fish really wrent bitting this year but Uncle Chuck made the best of that to we now know him as the fish whisper....