Monday, June 6, 2011

Akasha and her favorite thing to do

I have belonged to a Mommies Message board for quite sometime called JUSTMOMMIES or JM. 

These are some great ladies that offers some support and advice for EVERYTHING from trying to conceive to raising teens.  I belonged to a very special board AUG 2009 PLAYROOM we have all been together since we found out we were gonna have a little one, for some it was their first and for others like me it was a old hat.

One Post inspired this current blog.

I have been brushing Akasha teeth since she got her first tooth.  She loves it and sometimes reminds me that we need to brush.... 

In her cuter than cute voice MOMMY USH MOMMY USH

 So here begins another nightly ritual, but not a bad one guess setting good habits will save me in the dentist office

She loves the feel of the brush and the taste of the tooth paste. Tonight I decided that I would give it ago at letting her brush when we are done.  She gonna need to know sometime RIGHT!  Momma cant brush her teeth for ever

So we finish and she gives me a look at her pearly whites.  With a huge smile while licking her tooth paste mouth

I Decide to let her have a go at BRUSHING her own teeth  how Awesome with this be........

She looks like and old pro....   You would never know that this is her first try alone

Happily continued brushing.... UNTIL

It was time to be done and put the BRUSH up then it was a complete melt down Akasha style,  Hey now we can all see those clean white chompers