Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anderson Family Vacation


I know it has been a long time since my last post but the summer is taking up a great majority of my time.

We the Anderson decided to take a road trip, 189 miles south east of here to visit with my bestie and her family.  It was a big deal since Mr. Man was going to be joining us.  This will be the first time since 1998 that he will be returning to my home town!

Some of you might wonder why that is well lets just say that like most family's now day not everyone is happy to call each other family.  SO  I made the decision to not let family know that I would be there and I had an amazing time with no stress and worry about someone saying something that someone would take the wrong way


My plan was to take my 3 monkeys and 2 of my nieces, well that would have been amazing but my niece got grounded and could not come.  Which sadly worked in my favor since I was unable to rent the van to accommodate everyone.

Who knew you needed an instate drivers licence to rent a car with a debit,  I have been back her for 1 yr and have not gotten it switched over.   Yeah GO ME!!!!!!

 So we all pile in my SUV and head out.   we go about 90 Miles and of course it POTTY time which worked out well since it was right at the OUTLET MALL.  We went to a few of the stores but really the prices where about the same.  I did how ever hit it big at the Old Navy store.  

So we get back on the road and arrive at our destination in a matter of a few hours.

We Have booked a room at Pazzaz Hotel & Fun City & Catfish Bend Casino.  My kids were in awe.

There is a water park indoor and out, a game room with laser tag, go karts, bowling alley, CANDY ALLEY.  For the Adults there is a Bar & Casino.

Daily I hear mom can we go back so I am sure there is a return tip coming soon

We get there check in and I throw open the room doors to the pool and show the kids the most amazing thing they say they have ever seen ........

All the Slides and water anyone could ever want



The Kids thought that they were in heaven 3 days of swimming sliding chlorine filled fun.

Anya love the outdoor part and the frog slide

Kasha was not so sure of the water 

  She did love that snack bar tho

She finally got use to the water and went for a wade

Then it was off to the Arcade and Candy Alley

This is my niece Cinda can you tell I caught her off guard lol  but that Ice Cream was really good

In between time of water log we go to some of the sights in town, the kids get filled with storied of my child hood and I swore if I talked a little longer they would have been asleep....

These guns have been in this park for as long as I can remember...  The kids love playing on them



Playing at the river front then home

This was a great vacation much needed time away.....


great time with the Stearns-Gold family