Thursday, July 28, 2011

New School New Year

OMG Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have just done the best thing ever got the kids enrolled in their new school for a brand new year.

I am so super excited.  It is hard to believe that on the 24th the summer will be over with for them.  Its back to schedules, homework and bed times.  You can hear the excitement cant you I am doing a happy dance.

I hope that the new school change will bring an easier school year for them and me. 

More to come on this

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Happenings

So this is the finale month of freedom \foe me and the kids.

It will me back to school in a month.  We gotta figure out where they are gonna be going, just waiting on aunt Mary to figure it all out.  Our kids go to the same school mainly to help out with the car pooling. 

You know that old saying that it takes a village to raise a child, we fit that mold snugly.   There are 3 kids in my family,  She has 6 kids then 2 sisters that have a baby a piece and 2 cousins and 1 baby there oh and husbands and a brother. 

So when we have a gathering there is surely to be a small mob.

With today being JULY 3rd there is a cook out  planned with fire works.  This should be fun big kids will love playing with all the kids and baby girl will see fireworks for the first time so I am excited and scared to see how she will react.  Pic to follow ....................

On the 22 we are planning a family vacation to a water park and hotel not an experience the the kids have had to this point I know they will have the best time I will have pic of that for sure.  I am like a big kids about this more so for me I am gonna get to spend time with my life long bestie and her family.  She is gonna get to meet MR. MANN for the first time.  PS might I add that we been together 17 years and I have know her for 20 something years.  You could say that we don't make trips home often mostly because I don't like to go back there to much......  Trust my I have a boat load of reason but its not family friendly so I will same that for my adult blog