Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Picky Eater

With Tristan its always been a known fact the he is very PICKY when it comes to eating.

It all started at about is first GERBER meal. 

He is a non meat eating child so what ever I cook I have to think will he eat it or do I have to take his food out prior to adding the meat.

On Friday I Snuck added eggs to his favorite food and he never knew.  I got a slight kick out of it too.

Here is the items used,  Now be prepared don't laugh to hard.

Yeah I know so lame you thought that this was gonna be something new for you family to eat.   I told you that he is very picky.  I have had several conversations with his DR  and he does not seem to be worried I mean he is 75lbs,  but  who can live on Ramen, Chicken Nuggets, and Cheese Pizza Rolls