Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Second Eposide

This is not your conventional family by any means.  The one thing that you must know is that we may not all share a blood line, but really who needs that.  The whole Idea of choosing your family sounds so much better.  We may fight we may argue But one thing that wont happen is someone else talking about a family member

Lets get on with the introductions:

Here's Charlie better known as the Fish whisper or Turtle Freak
Yes you see it right its 2 Snappers caught in 1 fishing trip... And yes hes gonna cut'em and eat'em

Yes you see it right fried turtle....

OMG......  Its time to dance

It Katie Faye she doesn't like to think about being PRETTY but guess what little miss

And Lisa ready for her 8th grade Graduation growing up so fast shes the run away PRINCESS swears she leaving ASAP in her words her family is crazy....

The lady in RED that's TY you'll meet more of her and her Momma read on

Silly Girls Put those Butts Away

Here is the Family Glue

Aunt Mary yes she still runs her Bed and Breakfast.
Doors always open for the biggest and best slumber party Friday thru Sunday check outs at 5pm

And she is doing what she loves best holden babies everyone turns to her for advice about the babies and those 2 are Colten and Cameron Uncle Charlies twin grand babies

PS. Mary we do appreciate you even thoe most forget to show it....

Hey ANGIE  its 2pm wake up

I told Ya Katie Faye was PRETTY now you see it too don't ya



It's the Babies Jr, Tay, Livie  BFFL

Melinda Sue

Stop with the DUCK FACE

These girls are getting too old they will all be seniors this school year and ready to get out on their own....  BUT slow down ladies, U still got 1 year for this crazy family and besides you know you like the DRAMA

Hi Girls Here's to hopping that the next year is the time of your life.
P.S even when your gone I will still Blog about you

Oh and Bubba don't think cause your grown u get to escape ur crazy family

I see this must be ur version of the DUCK FACE

Here is the Ultimate New Member to the family blog.

Remember when I said you don't have to share blood to make the page well here's one for ya.

Vicki with her kids Ty & Michi (yes I know V this is an old pic but hang on there's more )

RU tying to hide from me not a good IDEA......

P.S Vicki we all eat and there are times that we are in our lounge close its OK we're family

You can see by the pic above that she cleans up well......

I warned ya Beware

OH and we shall not forget Cousin MISSY here's one for ya <3 ya MISSY

WAIT did I say one well I lied here's a couple more.......

Now I know that she is gonna kill me but guess what I ain't scared....

BUT I see were the girls get the DUCK FACE

This is just a little piece of our family summer I really enjoy doing this to them and I know that they love it too.....

And believe me I have so much more this could keep me busy for the rest of the year <3